samedi 11 février 2017

Spool Holder Vertical for Micro Deta Rework

So long time no see (again...)

It's a very quick post thought...

I did get a new printer... the 4th one. a Micro Delta Rework.

It's been about a month now that i play with it nearly full time. ans although it's a fantastic machine. it still has some quirk.

The original spool holder is quite nifty, if you spool as flat surface on the side. otherwise its just not working.

So I made my own.

After some very short formation into Solidworks, I can up with my own design the very first.
it's very sturdy. and work like a charm.

it need a rod (mine was a old sligthly rusted 8mm) and some spool round stuff that you can get there...

(i think with bearing its better) mine doesn't have any and it work fine.

(yeah I'm officially a 3D designer.... I published and everything...)

anyway here the files and some picture.

link to filesVertical Spool Holder Udelta Rework

Ps :the pink is all I had left...

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